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Juriscript specialises in providing arbitration transcription services

We provide a two-person transcription team to ensure that our clients receive a highly accurate transcript, with a turnaround time of 30 minutes.

We are a recommended transcription provider of:

 - the ICC Hearing Centre in Paris

 - the Stockholm International Hearing Centre

 - the International Dispute Resolution Centre in London

We have extensive experience of transcribing court hearings in the Rolls Building and the Royal Courts of Justice in London.






Our Services

Real-time Transcription

A live transcript is accessed via a secure website. Hearing participants are able to refer back to live evidence as well as flag and annotate keywords or passages. The real-time transcript can be streamed to a device anywhere in the world, allowing colleagues outside of the hearing room to be involved in events as they happen.

Offline Transcription

Clients are provided with a fully edited verbatim transcript, typically within 30 minutes of the end of the hearing day. Draft copies are available on request at any time.




Real Time Transcription in UK

Why Choose Juriscript?

  • We use the highest quality transcribers to provide an exceptionally accurate real-time feed, enabling participants to easily follow complex proceedings, both inside and outside of the hearing room.
  • Our clients deal directly with the transcribers who are in the hearing room, ensuring that requests are dealt with immediately.
  • We specialise in providing transcription of arbitrations and other legal hearings. Your real-time feed and transcript are front and centre of what we do.
  • Data security and confidentiality are our first priority.








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