Real-time and Offline Transcription

Highly accurate real-time and expedited end of day transcripts

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Real-time Transcription

Hearing participants are provided with a screen displaying a live transcript in real time. The transcript can be marked and annotated. The real-time transcript can be streamed to a device anywhere in the world, allowing colleagues outside of the hearing room to be involved in events as they happen.

Offline Transcription

Clients are provided with a fully edited verbatim transcript, typically within 30 minutes of the end of the hearing day. Draft copies are available on request at any time.





Counsel can rely on our live transcript being on the screen when needed. 


We provide the fully edited end of day transcript within 30 minutes of close of proceedings. 


We remove the layer of admin of the large providers, the team can respond to queries immediately.   



Confidentiality and data security are our first priority. 


Our pared down approach that puts the team as the point of contact in the hearing room means that we will beat the larger agencies on price. 


We pay our transcribers industry leading rates and only work with the best in the business. 





Please contact us if you require a quote for real-time transcription or EPE and e-bundling services.

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